Shortlisted student should log on to the portal to start the payment process of their acceptance fee; it directs you to a page where you can make payment.

Note; this payment process is only available with interswitch.

Click on the interswitch option to start the payment process, see arrow below; after you must have clicked on this it brings out the payment platform where you can add the required details as shown below;


Fill in the boxes as shown above, select the next button to take you to the next page as shown below (a specimen);

Select each of the option beneath the diagram, either paying with the interswitch verve, or mastercard, thus links you to the next pa

Note; the screenshots here are specimen.

This is where the pay button links to, from here you can successfully make payment. Choose your card type here as listed on the dropbox above.

Choose the type of card you want to pay with,enter the details as required (your ATM card no. and expiry date)on the page then click the pay button to proceed. After wards shows a page as per transaction was successful.the next page brings out the acceptance form ONLY if you have completed the process successfully.



For candidate who is trying to re login after making payment, please do no go back to start a new transaction, simply go to portal as if you are stating afresh, this link shows the page below where you can re-login. See arrow below;

The “click here” link above directs to the next page below; where you insert your reciept and confirmation number to re-login/edit.




We would like to inform you that you will be required to provide a one-time password (OTP) in order to complete all transactions via the Interswitch WebPAY platform for transactions issued through these banks’ cards:



Access Bank



First Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank*

These banks have provisioned your debit card and mobile phone number on the Safetoken system. Whenever you initiate a  transaction online, in addition to providing the card number, expiry date, CVV2 and PIN, an OTP is required. The OTP is a unique 6-8 digit number sent directly to the your mobile phone number registered with the bank. All you need to do is to input the OTP received (via SMS or email) at the time of transaction on the WebPAY platform to complete payment.


*GTBank customers who have a hardware token are required to make use of it to generate their OTP, account holders without it will be sent their OTP via SMS by the bank.


Please be assured that this extra layer of transaction verification has been put in place to limit the possibility of fraudulent transactions being carried out on your card and to promote  a fraud-free web payment ecosystem.


Note: please candidate should kindly make sure their data are entered correctly to ensure a smooth and accurate feedback, also if you are entring your email address, make sure you do that accurately to get accurate reply.